Calix Pseudowire Aggregation Cards Enable IP Transformation

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PETALUMA, CA - The Calix C7 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) has two new line cards to support pseudowire (PWE) aggregation, the company announced today.

As service providers migrate from SONET to Ethernet, delivery of profitable services such as T1 require PWE to ensure a seamless migration. With the introduction of the DS1-12 PWE and T1-8 PWE line cards to North America's most widely deployed MSAP, service providers using the C7 for high-density aggregation of T1 lines for mobile backhaul and business services can now leverage the same MSAP to deliver these services using PWE, enabling an operationally and capitally efficient evolution to IP.

"As we continue to deploy our fiber-to-the-premises broadband stimulus network, T1 services remain a crucial component of our buildout," says Ron McCue, chief operating officer of Idaho- and Wyoming-based service provider Silver Star Communications. "We deployed our first C7 in 2006, and by utilizing the transformational power of the Calix C7, complemented by these new pseudowire aggregation cards, we now have the ability to bring these T1s and DS1s into an entirely IP infrastructure. This provides the potential for significant efficiencies in our network, keeps our access network under one management system and gives us one high-density platform with the carrier-grade features my customers expect."

Built to support both Ethernet and SONET transport, the Calix C7 MSAP provides an efficient platform for network evolution from legacy to IP services and also reduces costs and management complexity in networks.


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