Calix Revenue EDGE Helps CSPs Monetize Subscriber Experience

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SAN JOSE, CA — Calix announced the expansion of the Revenue EDGE, its subscriber experience solution built exclusively for communications service providers (CSPs). With the introduction of the EDGE Suites and the enhancement of the CommandIQ mobile application, Calix is extending its leadership and demonstrating its commitment to provide CPSs with the ultimate subscriber-delighting portfolio of experience applications. Each of these solutions is designed to address the growing management and security complexities of the smart, connected home. With the Revenue EDGE, CSPs can now successfully market, quickly deploy and fully manage consumer technologies that are designed to address exploding subscriber demands. The Revenue EDGE now includes EDGE Systems (powered by the EXOS platform), EDGE Insights (Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud), EDGE Services and the new applications:

  • ProtectIQ – Provides CSPs with the ability to generate revenue through fully managed anti-virus, anti-intrusion, and anti-web threat protection for subscribers. Unlike cloud only solutions, ProtectIQ leverages a classification engine through local device and application insights and powerful cloud capabilities, to provide the ultimate premises network security solution.
  • ExperienceIQ – Enhanced parental controls include content filtering and time limits along with numerous family-friendly features. Subscribers can set up user profiles, assign network-connected devices to those profiles, and access usage reports right from their mobile devices.  
  • CommandIQ – A reimagined mobile application that balances the subscriber’s desire for a clean and intuitive experience with the insights and manageability required by CSPs. The enhanced mobile app allows service providers to feature their brand, deliver impactful in-app messages to drive brand loyalty and revenue, and manage the entire experience remotely. 

“With the GigaSpire we are setting the foundation for future service offerings of advanced applications like parental controls and security functions,” said Jason Wille, chief marketing officer at Montana-based Range Companies. “Being able to target and manage that experience with Calix Marketing and Support Cloud enables us to better serve our subscribers. Since these new applications work with the GigaSpire system, the onus for security is on the system and not on individual devices that our subscribers may purchase on their own. Consequently, we feel more confident that we can protect and manage our subscribers’ experiences while increasing their brand loyalty.” 

In addition to the new CommandIQ subscriber app and the new EDGE Suites, the latest quarterly release from Calix delivers updates to EDGE Services including the Broadband Performance Testing service. This service help CSPs meet CAF performance testing requirements and enables CSPs to customize test policies and set thresholds for better reporting.

“The Revenue EDGE is a fully integrated solution that arms CSPs with everything they need to completely change the game in their market,” said Michael Weening, executive VP of global field operations for Calix. “As we demonstrated at ConneXions, the company with the best data and insights wins. The Revenue EDGE enables CSPs of all sizes to leverage their data to understand their subscribers and offer the right solutions at the right time to grow ARPU, eliminate churn and attract new subscribers by providing exactly what they know their market needs. This release is particularly special for Calix and it represents a milestone for our industry. We have delivered the only platform that has been built to leverage the power of the cloud and meet the requirements of the subscriber premises. The Revenue EDGE delivers insights, manageability and new capabilities at a speed-to-market that can't be matched by other solutions. We also are making a massive investment in our newly launched CSP activation program and our teams are working with CSP marketing teams to launch new services and build their brands. These enhancements and new Revenue EDGE capabilities enable our CSP partners like Range, ALLO  and GVTC to offer a value proposition that consumer solutions simply can’t match.”


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