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PETALUMA, CA — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced updates to the Calix Cloud platform, as new releases of Calix Support Cloud and Calix Marketing Cloud put analytics at the fingertips of service providers as they strive to deliver a world-class subscriber experience. In partnering with the hundreds of Calix Cloud customers, Calix has further evolved the platform to give support and marketing teams the ability to make better decisions, faster. In Calix Support Cloud, new features such as Self-Heal Plus and Day 1 Subscriber Experience enable service providers to continue to enhance the subscriber experience for both long-time and brand-new subscribers. Calix Marketing Cloud updates create opportunities to more effectively engage subscribers as new customization options and simplified workflows make marketing programs more personalized and efficient.

“As our subscriber base grows rapidly in markets like Lincoln, Nebraska, where we are installing 400 GigaCenters per week, our ability to provide best-in-class customer support is critical to our overall commitment to the subscriber experience,” said Nick Colton, director of technical support at ALLO Communications. "We see nearly 25 percent of our Wi-Fi related support calls come in within the first 45 days of service, so our ability to support them from day one sets the bar high for our future interactions. As their journey with ALLO continues, Self-Help is another key differentiator as we have already seen a reduction in repeat calls after enabling this for a subset of subscribers. We can’t wait to use the Self-Heal features for all of our subscribers and keep taking advantage of all that Calix Cloud has to offer.”

The latest updates to Calix Support Cloud include:

Self-Heal Plus – Automated Wi-Fi optimization can now be easily extended to all subscribers within a service provider’s network allowing them to preempt bad subscriber experience at scale, and dramatically reduce support calls.
Day 1 Subscriber Experience – Continuing the evolution from reactive to proactive to “preactive” subscriber care, the ability to populate subscriber information on-demand and earlier than ever before perfectly positions service providers to support the subscriber even before they have experienced the service.

Calix Marketing Cloud updates include:

Customization Options – With the ability to self-select the subscriber profiles that are most important to their business growth, service providers can streamline their reports and make better marketing decisions, faster.
Simplified Workflows – Real-time access and visualization of data, such as attainable rate across dashboard and drill-down views, reduces the time and effort needed to gather this critical information for more accurate campaign segmentation.

“As we continue to evolve Calix Cloud, we are staying in lockstep with our customers to ensure the platform enables better decisions, faster,” said Shane Eleniak, vice president of products at Calix. “The latest updates to both Calix Support Cloud and Calix Marketing Cloud are a result of these partnerships. The streamlined workflows, improved user interface, and customizable reports all allow our customers to run their teams and operations more smoothly. We are looking forward to seeing Calix Cloud continue to make an impact in our customers’ businesses as they create more effective marketing campaigns, lower their support costs, and deliver an overall subscriber experience that consistently exceeds expectations.”


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