CallTek Adds Toll Free Routing, Redundant Fiber Connectivity to Business Continuity Line

Super-Loop and Toll-Free Routing serve as new disaster recovery communications tools.

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Irvine, CA—CallTek has added Business Continuity Services to their business process service offerings. The company’s secure data Super-Loop and Toll-Free Rerouting services assure companies wanting to amplify their response and recover quickly from any disaster.

When outages occur, they become more expensive - a trend likely to continue as dependency on digital services grows. According to an Uptime Institute 2022 survey, over 60 percent of system outages result in at least $100,000 in total losses, up substantially from 39 percent in 2019.

Additionally, the share of outages that cost upwards of $1 million increased from 11 percent to 15 percent over that same period.

“CallTek’s business continuity service is insurance in the face of any disaster. We consistently add services to meet the needs of technology providers and integrators when they need it the most – even if we have to develop a platform or solution,” said Tony Espinoza, CEO of CallTek. “In the face of a disaster, whether it be natural, accidental or a cyber-attack, CallTek will be with our clients every step of the way to keep their businesses running.”

Super-Loop for Data

CallTek’s customers automatically take advantage of the proprietary 20,000 miles of fiber optic loop “Super-Loop” between Asia and the United States. This 10 Gbps self-healing ring is protected by SD-WAN technology. It features a private cloud network to host and store a company’s valuable data – making it accessible in the face of any disaster. The Super-Loop, cloud network and multi-location data centers, creates the type of redundancy that brings peace of mind to any business leader.

Toll-Free Rerouting

As a leader in the carrier-class telecommunications industry, CallTek has configured its proven, scalable network with more than 400 local exchange carriers (CLECs/ILEC), VoIP providers, resellers and carrier customers; to act as a global routing algorithm to ensure calls are answered in the face of any outage while offerings savings to most businesses.

When a regular carrier has an outage of hours, days, or weeks, CallTek’s Toll Free-Rerouting will reroute to a location where they can be answered whether it be a secondary office, call center or one of CallTek’s many worldwide contact centers.


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