CallTek Takes on Mitigating Risk in Emergency Situations

CallTek and Broadband Communities webinar will address how to be prepare a disaster recovery plan. 

  • CallTek

As they say…it happens. Technology professionals are relied upon to keep people safe and businesses moving when it hits the fan. Whether the emergency is a result of a natural disaster, power outage, cyberattack or simply an oops moment; there are ways to mitigate the negative impact of these events.

CallTek’s Tony Espinoza and Danny Wu will explore technology solutions that will make you look like the hero to your internal audience and external customers. In this webinar you’ll learn how you can utilize platforms like Odyssey and Cosmos to take steps to protect the customer experience.

Broadband Communities Editor in Chief Sean Buckley will moderate the webinar.

Click here to register for this new webinar, which will be on April 6 at 2 ET.

During the webinar we’ll explore these trends and other issues related to disaster recovery:

  • Why incident communication is important
  • How to prep for incident communication
  • How incident communication pros handle the task

CallTek has made a name for itself in the broadband industry, providing White Label Services exclusively to ISP's, MSP's, network service companies and system operators. Today, CallTek serves than 12,000 hotels and MDU's worldwide.

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