CampusConnect Offers One Gigabit Internet for Student Housing

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AUSTIN, TX – CampusConnect, an Austin-based student housing network service provider, announced its new offering of one gigabit service per resident in student housing communities nationwide. The company’s gigabit service provides unrestricted connectivity that enables students to connect all of their devices at a rate that is 100 times faster than the average cable internet available in American households. CampusConnect was selected by American Campus Communities, the largest owner and manager of high-quality student housing in the U.S., to deliver this premier gigabit solution to their new flagship property The Callaway House Austin.

“Today’s college students demand two things from their ISP: speed and mobility. We provide both,” said Rob Paver, president of CampusConnect. “Our team leverages expertise and training from both the provider and owner/developer perspective, helping our clients reduce unforeseen spending and develop stable budgets while exceeding students’ expectations.”

Technology Takeover
Today, more student housing communities are struggling to keep up with rapidly rising student demand for connectivity. Students who used to carry around cumbersome backpacks laden with heavy books are now replaced by those who are more apt to bring lightweight iPads to class, buy e-textbooks, participate in Skype study groups, or post their homework to online services such as Blackboard.

A significant 73 percent of students need technology to study and just about the same number, 70 percent, use a computer or tablet to take notes, according to Presta Electronics. “Student housing operators aim to fill this demand by providing advanced technological amenities,” said Paver. “Students who live in a CampusConnect property will have the freedom to use the internet for all of their study and entertainment needs without restrictions.”

Building Networks from a Dual-Client Perspective
American Campus Communities turned to CampusConnect to outfit The Callaway House, which the company is touting as setting a new standard in student housing. “We wanted a partner who understands our residents’ technology needs and can also meet our quality and budget expectations as an owner, developer and manager. CampusConnect has the flexibility and commitment to help us achieve our goals.” said Bill Bayless, president and CEO of American Campus Communities.

“As a part CampusConnect’s full service promise, student residents can connect an unlimited number of devices, and they can also text, call, chat or email Austin-based technology representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents and managers appreciate knowing that they can reach a knowledgeable representative anytime on their schedule,” said Paver.


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