Canada's Beanfield Metroconnect Leverages DZS Platforms to Expand Gigabit Service into Montreal

  • Beanfield Metroconnect
  • DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS)

ALAMEDA, CA — DASAN Zhone Solutions, an enabler of access, 5G transport, and enterprise communications platforms, announced that fiber overbuilder and long-time partner Beanfield Metroconnect is leveraging DZS platforms and solutions as it brings its highly successful portfolio of residential and business broadband services to Montreal, Canada. A specialist in providing a full spectrum of advanced broadband and networking services to multi-dwelling units (MDUs), multi-tenant units (MTUs) and small businesses, DZS has been a key strategic supplier to the company as it has grown from just two buildings served at the beginning of the relationship to over 2800 buildings served today. With over 700 buildings in Toronto already leveraging DZS multi-terabit MXK platforms, zNID optical network terminals (ONTs) and GPON technology to deliver symmetrical gigabit services, digital television, and voice services, Beanfield will look to DZS to enable services to many of its recently acquired MDU, MTU, and campus buildings in Montreal as well as to new potential customers within reach of what is, according to Beanfield, an independent fiber-optic network covering Canada’s two largest cities.  

“Since our inception, Beanfield has been finding ways to bring broadband services to customers in bandwidth-hungry Toronto buildings that were often being completely ignored by large incumbent telcos,“ said Dan Armstrong, founder and CEO of Beanfield. “We chose to partner with DZS early on because of their ability to listen and adapt to our needs and deliver on a pay-as-you-grow business model. Now, as we make our largest expansion ever into Montreal, we are thrilled to have an established technology partner in DZS that is ready to grow with us and can quickly adapt to our changing needs.“

Beanfield to Enter a New Phase of Growth and Services

The decade-long relationship between Beanfield and DZS has seen close collaboration between the two companies, including the design of new classes of ONTs with specialized powering, port counts and automated provisioning to meet the varied demands and deployment environments Beanfield sees across its broad spectrum of residential, mixed-use, and business customers. Now, with a recent C$255 million strategic recapitalization and acquisitions of Aptum Technologies and OpenFace that have opened new opportunities in the Montreal market, DZS stands ready to help Beanfield usher in a new phase of growth and services – including making the leap soon to 10 gig services enabled by XGS-PON technology.

“Beanfield is one of the great success stories in our industry over the last decade, and we at DZS couldn’t be prouder to be a key enabler of their growth and achievement,“ said Geoff Burke, DZS VP of Global Marketing and PLM. “We’ve learned a lot from each other, and that history of partnership in business and innovation lays a great foundation for future success. While agile fiber overbuilders are disrupting the broadband market globally, marquee examples like Beanfield clearly illustrate that DZS is emerging as THE premier enabler for the winners in this fast-growing segment.“



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