Canada's Northwestel Deploys MXK Aggregation Platforms from DZS

  • DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS)
  • Northwestel
OAKLAND, CA — Northwestel, a telecommunications service provider in Northern Canada, has deployed MXK platforms from DASAN Zhone Solutions (DZS), a global provider of network access solutions, to improve internet access in remote communities and simplify delivery of lifeline voice services.

"Access to high-speed internet services makes a big difference in the lives of our customers and the community. Better Internet services will allow people to access remote healthcare, education and new job opportunities," said Zoran Vehovar, vice-president of network and IT for Northwestel. "When we started the process to select an access platform, we wanted to ensure that we could also support future broadband service over the same platform. This is especially important for us as we mainly deploy in rural areas and small towns where we need to capitalize on a multi-service access device that is cost effective. On all these fronts, the DASAN Zhone Solutions MXK was our choice," added Vehovar.

"Service providers around the globe use MXK platforms from DASAN Zhone Solutions to deliver voice and data services to communities in remote areas," said Michael Fischer, vice president of sales for DASAN Zhone Solutions. "With the new aggregation platforms, Northwestel can support thousands of users and has a scalable network for future services and bandwidth needs."

Intelligent Terabit Access Platforms
DZS' intelligent terabit access platforms can support thousands of subscribers and support both PON and Active Ethernet technologies. Northwestel uses the following aggregation platforms to deliver Internet access throughout Northern Canada:

  • The MXK-319 supports up to 7,168 end users and holds seven line cards in one chassis.

  • More robust and bigger in size than the MXK-319, the MXK-819 supports up to 18,432 users and holds 18 line cards.

  • The MXP-160 has a compact platform and provides next generation features and streamlines delivery of triple play services throughout the service area. The platform allows Northwestel to offer compelling bundles of multi-line voice, high-speed internet access and multi-set IP video (including HDTV) over the existing copper infrastructure.


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