Canadian ISP Tbaytel implements Calix Managed Wi-Fi Solution


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SAN JOSE, CA — Tbaytel, one of Canada’s largest independent telecoms, is partnering with Calix to upgrading its Wi-Fi experience deploying the GigaCenter and 804Mesh satellites, managed by Calix Support Cloud (CSC). This managed Wi-Fi solution — branded Tbaytel Home WiFi — provides a improved subscriber experience over a variety of gateways, generating new revenue opportunities. With CSC, Tbaytel will be able to fully monitor, diagnose, and manage home networks remotely and proactively address issues before subscribers experience service interruptions.

Tbaytel has been the incumbent telephone service provider in Thunder Bay, Ontario since 1902 and now provides data, voice, wireless, internet, TV and security services for communities across northern Ontario. Tbaytel Home WiFi will keep pace with the increased speeds provided by its ever-growing fiber to the home (FTTH) network, also powered by Calix, which is capable of delivering gigabit services.

ISP Upsell Opportunity
For several months, new Tbaytel subscribers have received a Calix GigaCenter (Connect Hub) included in the cost of their monthly high-speed internet plan. During the initial installation process, Tbaytel technicians conduct a Wi-Fi assessment. Subscribers with larger homes and many connected devices are offered a Connect Extender (a Calix 804Mesh satellite unit). This ensures customers have optimal Wi-Fi coverage no matter where they are in their home and is currently available to Tbaytel subscribers for an extra fee, creating successful up-sell opportunities for the service provider.

Tbaytel also understands that a compelling managed Wi-Fi offer requires a solid, data-driven marketing campaign. To enable this, Tbaytel recently selected Calix Marketing Cloud. Now they can uncover new prospects for their ‘Connect Extenders’ based on subscribers who are experiencing Wi-Fi coverage issues. Tbaytel will also be able to predict churn, based on machine learning to help anticipate which subscribers are most at-risk based on the behaviors of their subscribers who recently churned.

“Calix has partnered with hundreds of service providers to deploy cutting-edge Managed Wi-Fi services to ensure that they deliver an exceptional subscriber experience. We are confident that Tbaytel will experience fewer incoming support calls and benefit from faster call handling times. This will drive higher subscriber satisfaction and significantly reduce support costs,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of field operations for Calix. “Thanks to Calix Support Cloud, Tbaytel’s customer service representatives can now remotely monitor and manage a subscriber’s home network. More importantly, they can proactively diagnose and address issues before a subscriber experiences a service problem. When combined with Calix Marketing Cloud and the enhanced Wi-Fi performance of the Calix GigaCenters and 804Mesh satellites, Tbaytel can confidently engage each subscriber with the right offering to deliver an unmatched subscriber experience.”


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