Canal Digital Kabel Norway Selects Fiber Technology From PacketFront

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STOCKHOLM - Scandinavian cable provider Canal Digital Kabel has chosen PacketFront’s DRG700 series as the customer-premises equipment for its Norwegian FTTH deployments, which will reach large scale this year. The equipment will be delivered through PacketFront's distribution partner, NetNordic.

This modular unit will serve as the end users' access point for IPTV, video on demand, wireless music player, Internet and VoIP services. With speeds of up to 1 Gbps, Canal Digital Kabel’s end users can access more of these bandwidth-consuming digital services. Because the deployment uses active Ethernet technology, the solution can offer symmetrical bandwidths for download and upload. The potential number of high-definition, 3D and next-generation 3D channels will be "more or less unlimited," according to PacketFront.

Canal Digital Kabel selected the PacketFront DRG 700 series because of its technical capabilities, design and low operational cost. The series consists of two modules, a flexible fiber termination unit (FTU) and the DRG, which is tailored to deliver the specific services a customer orders. Each customer can attach a DRG to the FTU at the time of turn-up, resulting in lowered installation and operational costs.

‘’PacketFront and NetNordic are both well-known suppliers of FTTH solutions. Our assessment is that the product is the most advanced, flexible and operationally-friendly of the products we have tested and evaluated,’’ says Egil Dischler, technical director for Canal Digital Kabel TV AS.


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