Canby Telcom to Launch 1 Gigbit Internet Service in Oregon

  • Canby Telcom
CANBY, OR – Canby Telcom, a local telcom service provider, announced plans to provide a 1 Gbps symmetrical Internet connection to customers in Canby Oregon. Very soon Canby Telcom customers within its Fiber Optic Zone (FOz) service area will have access to 1 Gbps high-speed Internet. This broadband option is currently available in just a handful of cities nationwide and is 100 times faster than the average Internet speed of 10 Mbps.

Why gigabit service? “Canby Telcom has always been a forward-thinking technology company. FOz provided the fastest Internet speeds in Oregon when we launched it in 2010. We’re one of only four certified FTTH/business Internet providers in the state, and just last year our EZVideo product won the national Service Provider of the Year award for being the first of its kind in the nation. Gigabit Internet offers more than enough capacity and speed for all of the existing bandwidth thirsty devices and streaming video services in the market today with room to grow for all of the new gadgets coming out including; Ultra-HD TV’s, cloud based-online gaming and home automation systems,” said Canby Telcom President Paul Hauer.

Speed Plus Capacity
While the speed alone is most impressive, another key element to this service is capacity. The average US household has six Internet connected devices - home computer(s), tablet, Wi-Fi enabled smartphone(s), Internet-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming console box(es), hand-held music players, mobile gaming devices and monitoring systems. Many homes with teenagers or remote workers doing technical jobs have 15 or more.

Gigabit Internet service is extremely attractive to local business and economic development. Faster Internet supersedes proximity in many cases allowing business to be conducted from any location – and Canby can now be that location. That is a potential game-changer for attracting new industry and telecommuters to the city.


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