CDE Deploys Zhone's zNID ONTs for 1 Gbps Internet Service

  • Clarksville Department of Electricity Lightband
  • Zhone Technologies
OAKLAND, CA — The Clarksville Department of Electricity Lightband (CDE), in Clarksville, Tenn., is launching 1 Gbps Internet services using Zhone Technologies' zNID ONTs for both its business and residential customers. The service will be offered over CDE's current fiber network, and will enable high-speed bandwidth to meet its customers' needs.

Zhone's zNID over FTTx for active Ethernet will enable CDE to provide automated electric meter interface and full triple-play broadband services. The deployment will provide CDE's customers with more robust and reliable services, as well as the flexibility to expand services to 1 Gbps.
"Zhone's industry expertise and sophisticated equipment made triple-lay services over active Ethernet possible for CDE," said Brian Taylor, superintendent at CDE. "With the successful deployment of our 1 Gbps Internet services, CDE has improved service value and increased resources available to its customers while still providing reasonably priced services."

CDE has approximately 1,000 miles of active Ethernet fiber plant and the department's service area includes all of the 100 square miles located within the boundaries of the city of Clarksville. It services approximately 64,000 electric customers and 15,000 broadband customers, and maintains 892 miles of power lines. CDE began operations in December of 1938 and began offering broadband services in January of 2008.


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