Centennial, Colo. Selects Consultant to Explore Fiber Options

  • NewCom Technologies
CENTENNIAL, CO — The city of Centennial has launched Phase 1 of an initiative designed to evaluate the city’s existing fiber optic infrastructure (used in traffic signalization) and identify potential areas of opportunity.

Several steps were necessary to get to this point. Colorado law is different than most states, and requires that voters approve government participation in local networks in their areas. In November 2013, Centennial voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot question allowing the city to examine opportunities to partner with private sector providers to utilize publicly owned infrastructure to enhance telecommunications and Internet services for businesses and residents.

Identifying Fiber Optic-Related Opportunities
After an extensive RFP process, the city recently began working with a consultant, NewCom Technologies, to assist the city in identifying fiber optic related opportunities. The next steps of this process will involve a physical inventory of existing fiber and conduit; and a public outreach process that will include surveying key stakeholders such as businesses, healthcare, education and public safety agencies to establish current levels of internet connectivity, as well as identify future needs.

"This is a remarkable time to be a part of the city of Centennial," said Centennial Mayor Pro Tem Ken Lucas. "With the passing of the ballot question in 2013, the city can look into opportunities to utilize our existing fiber optic infrastructure by partnering with the private sector to provide faster Internet services and possibly lower prices.”

The consultants are expected to deliver their initial report by the end of March, 2015.


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