Centennial, Colo., Selects Magellan Advisors for Phase II of Fiber Initiative

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CENTENNIAL, CO — The city of Centennial continues to move forward with its Fiber Optic Initiative. The city has contracted with Magellan Advisors to initiate Phase II of this Initiative. Magellan will design a fiber optic backbone, develop a preliminary cost proposal and draft initial strategic goals for review by City Council. Magellan has significant experience in the municipal fiber business, having worked with more than 200 cities, including Hamilton, Ohio; Riverside, California; Davenport, Iowa; Baltimore, Maryland; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, among others.

This first step of designing a fiber optic backbone will be coupled with additional strategic planning and initiatives so Council can make an informed decision regarding further development of the fiber network. Ultimately, Council will consider the estimated cost and the goals of the fiber initiative, and provide direction on whether to move forward and complete the fiber backbone. “Supporting fiber-based infrastructure in the city of Centennial is key to ensuring continued economic development for our community and helps position Centennial for the future," said District 4 Council Member Stephanie Piko.

Developing Effective, Real-world Tested Broadband Strategies

Phase I of the Fiber Initiative was completed earlier this year and included an analysis of broadband service in the city, meetings with key stakeholders, and a full inventory of fiber-optic and conduit infrastructure. The Phase 1 report concluded that to move forward with any of the recommended approaches, further development of the city’s fiber optic backbone is required before any next steps can be explored. "Magellan is pleased to assist the city of Centennial develop effective, real-world tested broadband strategies to meet the current and future needs of the city and its community, “ said John Honker, president, Magellan Advisors

In 2013, Centennial voters approved a ballot question allowing the city the opportunity to partner with private providers to make use of the City’s existing fiber optic infrastructure. The ballot question was approved by an overwhelming majority of 76 percent. As a result of the passing of this ballot question, the City is exploring opportunities related to its fiber optic infrastructure. This may increase competition by providing opportunities to a greater number of service providers to partner with the city in using its fiber optic infrastructure to deliver services to residents and businesses. Such competition may decrease costs of services to residents and businesses.


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