Central Alabama Electric Cooperative Selects FiberRise to Build Broadband Network



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PRATTVILLE, AL — Central Alabama Electric Cooperative (CAEC) has teamed with FiberRise, a company that works with electric utilities to implement and maintain fiber infrastructure, to build an advanced fiber network supporting smart grid management for CAEC’s electric distribution system and broadband access for the entire community. Combining gigabit rate access technology with 100G transport, CAEC will be able to deliver symmetric gigabit speed services to metro and rural areas, creating opportunities for advanced applications and economic growth. Through its wholly-owned fiber to the premise (FTTP) subsidiary, Central Access, CAEC will connect the entire community to the world while attracting industry and improving educational opportunity, healthcare, and overall quality of life.

“Our members have made it overwhelmingly clear that they are in need of affordable and reliable broadband,” said Tom Stackhouse, CEO of CAEC. “As CAEC builds out the fiber infrastructure needed to communicate with our offices and other assets, we have a great opportunity to bring this life-changing service to all of our members, and we believe that this service meets an essential need for our communities and will ensure a brighter future for the lives of every member we serve.” CAEC eventually decided upon FiberRise to assist with the engineering and implementation of the broadband project. “As we looked for a partner to provide expertise, we selected FiberRise because they represent many of our core principles of service and trust, combined with a history of success.”

Tommy Harmon, CEO of FiberRise, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and optimism for the future of the communities impacted by this advanced technology. “We are excited to serve CAEC as they bring the industry’s most advanced fiber solutions to their communities. The impact of this fiber broadband network is not only immediate but long-lasting. Fiber has unlimited capacity and has a proven record of positively changing communities with enormous new opportunities for healthcare, education and business development. CAEC’s fiber infrastructure and FTTP through Central Access will ensure the next generation of members served by CAEC will have the same broadband opportunities as America’s largest cities.”



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