Century City Connect Uses Zhone for Open-Access Network in SA

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OAKLAND, CA — Zhone Technologies, a global provider of fiber access solutions, announced a new GPON and Active Ethernet deployment with Century City Connect in Cape Town, South Africa. Century City Connect is an open-access network provider that allows blue-chip Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide high-speed, next-generation broadband services to people living and working in Century City. Through the installation of Zhone's FTTx GPON and Active Ethernet, Century City Connect provides an end-to-end fiber network to enable voice, broadband and multimedia services to be delivered over the network.

Century City Connect provides fast broadband access within the Century City precinct, which is a mixed-use development in Cape Town that combines office, retail, residential and leisure components in an integrated and aesthetically pleasing urban environment. As a relatively new precinct, Century City did not want multiple communications providers trenching roads and duplicating network infrastructure. Century City Connect was formed to deploy a full-fiber infrastructure and operate as an open-access network with minimal disturbance to the precinct, providing fiber connectivity to business and residential complexes within Century City.

"The new fiber network, made possible through Zhone's solutions, will encourage businesses in Cape Town to relocate and residents to buy property in Century City since they will have access to the best broadband services in the area," said Greg Deans, director at Century City Connect. "The network differentiates Century City from other developments within Cape Town by providing the advanced high-quality services necessary to attract and retain customers."

Bringing Speeds Up to 10 Gbps
Century City Connect can deliver speeds up to 10 Gbps using Zhone's MXK 819, zNID 2301, 2402, 2424a, 8 port GPON Cards and 10G Active Ethernet Cards. Through Century City Connect's full-fiber network, individual ISPs have the option to connect and deliver their individual service packages to end users. The network also creates the opportunity for smaller ISPs, which are not capable of deploying their own fiber networks, to offer the service to businesses in Century City using the open access network.

"Utilizing Zhone's GPON for residential and businesses, and Active Ethernet for large corporations, Century City Connect is now able to offer a tiered service to ISPs, ensuring the network can meet the unique needs of each customer," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone Technologies. "Zhone's platform delivers the flexibility required to meet the needs of residents and businesses alike."


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