CenturyLink Deploys Calix in Omaha Gigabit Network Pilot

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PETALUMA, CA - CenturyLink is deploying the Calix E7-2 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) and 700GE family of optical network terminals (ONTs) for CenturyLink's new gigabit fiber network in Omaha. This pilot deployment will connect homes and businesses with CenturyLink's new fiber access network, offering high-bandwidth data speeds of up to one Gbps.

"Providing our customers with gigabit services 100 times faster than the average American download speed gives them the freedom to leverage the power of the Internet without bandwidth constraints," said Danny Pate, vice president and general manager of CenturyLink - Nebraska. "We are excited about the opportunities this Calix-enabled network has introduced to Omaha."

Pilot to Deliver Symmetrical 1 Gbps Speeds
Within the pilot area, CenturyLink will leverage gigabit GPON technology to provide subscribers with access to symmetrical 1 Gbps broadband speeds, enabling both ultra-fast downloads and uploads. As a result, a wide variety of next-generation applications will be able to be experienced at optimized performance levels across a growing number of broadband-enabled devices, including streaming video, cloud services, videoconferencing, and telemedicine services. CenturyLink is leveraging the Calix Compass Flow Analyze software as a service application to both measure usage trends as well as to optimize service performance. The deployment will also utilize Ericsson's professional services expertise and ecosystem to bring the scale required to connect homes and businesses in Omaha.

"The gigabit trial in Omaha is a great opportunity for CenturyLink to provide the businesses and residents in the pilot area a leap forward in broadband technology," said Matt Beal, CenturyLink CTO and executive vice president of corporate strategy and product development. "With the help of Calix, we look forward to seeing what our customers will do with their gig and how it provides us a competitive advantage."

"We have seen gigabit deployments capture the attention of service providers around the world, as they examine the impacts and opportunities that these super-charged networks bring to the communities in which they are deployed, and to the service providers that deploy them," said John Colvin, senior vice president of North America sales and marketing at Calix. "With CenturyLink's bold gigabit network pilot in Omaha, we are seeing the promise of broadband unfold before our eyes. We are excited to be working with CenturyLink in Omaha as they leverage this gigabit network to deliver an entirely new level of broadband experience."



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