CenturyLink Expands Fiber Footprint in Nessel Township, Minn.

  • CenturyLink

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Whether working, gaming or learning online, attending a telehealth appointment or remotely monitoring agricultural equipment, residents of Minnesota's Nessel Township will soon have increased access to high-speed internet as CenturyLink brings fiber to the doorsteps of more than 1,000 homes and businesses. As a rural area currently without wired broadband, high-speed internet is an essential part of daily life as many activities have moved online.

Investments from CenturyLink and Minnesota’s Border to Border Broadband Development Grant Program will bring fiber to homes and business to meet the demand for high-speed internet as well as help meet the state’s larger goal or border-to-border broadband service.

When complete, this project will provide the fiber and electronics needed for high-speed connections up to 940 Mbps.

“This is a great example of public-private partnerships that work for both people and their businesses,” said Brian Fanciulli, CenturyLink’s vice president of operations. “The stay-at-home orders that resulted from the coronavirus meant families and business had to suddenly change to virtual leaning and remote work. This expansion will improve access to the online applications being used every day.”





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