Chariton Valley Announces Fiber Plan for Brookfield, Missouri

BROOKFIELD, MO — Chariton Valley's CEO/GM, Kirby Underberg announced a $6 million-dollar fiber expansion plan for the town of Brookfield, Missouri. While fiber is already available in some areas, the expansion plan will provide availability to all businesses and residents.

Underberg stated that Chariton Valley is committed to bringing state-of-the-art fiber connections to rural Missouri. Chariton Valley's board of directors have approved over $50 million dollars to install fiber optics over the next five years to their current service territories and new areas like Brookfield.

Chariton Valley brings gigabit capable speeds over an advanced state of the art fiber network which extends into the home producing fast, reliable internet service. Fiber brings many opportunities to the area including educational, healthcare, and economic benefits, including an increase value of a home. Chariton Valley believes a fiber network will future proof the home by bringing the services customers want and need for many years to come.

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