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STAMFORD, CT — Charter Communications announced that it has adopted OpenSync, an open-source initiative enabling the curation, delivery and support of services, and management of devices throughout the smart home. Enhanced by Charter, OpenSync powers Spectrum’s Advanced In-Home Wi-Fi service.

OpenSync is a highly versatile cloud technology that is portable across various leading router operating systems. OpenSync enables third-party smart home services to be rapidly and broadly deployed across consumer premise equipment from multiple vendors through a common software framework. Charter is porting OpenSync to its latest Wi-Fi router platforms and is committed to continuous enhancement of the software to rapidly deploy and support third party applications – including whole home Wi-Fi, intelligent AI driven security and advanced parental, guest controls and more – to provide a state-of-the-art service and enhanced customer experience.

Greater Control of Connected Devices

“Advanced In-Home Wi-Fi provides Spectrum internet and Wi-Fi customers with the ability to optimize their home networks, offering both detailed insights and providing greater control of their connected devices to deliver an unmatched home Wi-Fi experience,” said Rich DiGeronimo, Charter’s chief product and technology officer. “Integrating our core advanced technology and Wi-Fi router with the OpenSync cloud platform and software stack allows us to nimbly deliver best-of-breed features and services. Approximately 300 million devices are connected to our vast network, and we take seriously our responsibility to deliver fast, reliable service, while protecting and securing our customers’ online private information.”

“Leveraging OpenSync, Charter has taken a bold step by decoupling the curation and delivery of smart home services from the CPE hardware, gaining a massive time-to-market and scalability advantage,” said Fahri Diner co-founder and CEO of Plume. “We are honored to see that one of the most innovative and forward thinking service providers in the world has chosen to build a one-of-a kind consumer experience management platform using OpenSync.”

Texas Launch

Spectrum recently launched Advanced In-Home Wi-Fi in Austin, TX providing new Spectrum internet with Wi-Fi customers’ greater control and visibility into their home Wi-Fi networks, including the ability to see all connected devices and to pause internet access to any single device. Customers also benefit from a single SSID for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, seamless steering between those bands to ensure optimal connectivity, and remote telemetry providing Charter service representatives heightened ability to identify and resolve issues to provide superior customer support. Additional features are expected to launch in the coming months including parental controls and additional functionality to provide greater security of in-home networks.

Advanced In-Home Wi-Fi features are accessible through the My Spectrum App. Spectrum will launch Advanced In-Home Wi-Fi in a number of additional markets this year, with broader roll-out planned in 2020.




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