Charter Launches Free Tuition Program for Full-Time Employees

 More than 101,000 employees can pursue select tuition-free degrees to help them advance their careers with Charter.



STAMFORD, CT – Charter Communications Inc. announced it will cover 100% of tuition costs for full-time employees pursuing select degrees and certificates through the new Charter Education Benefit powered by Guild. The program will provide Charter's more than 101,000 employees with better tools and support needed to start, continue, or complete their education; expand their skill sets; and grow their careers with Charter.

The Charter Education Benefit provides employees with tuition-free access to a broad catalog of more than 300 online programs and degrees from more than 30 universities and learning providers including eCornell, University of Denver, Ohio University, and Spelman College. Charter also will cover qualified program-related expenses such as books, supplies, and enrollment fees. Participating employees are encouraged to pursue business-aligned programs in high-growth areas for Charter including operations management, marketing, project management, and technology.

"Charter has always been a great place to build a long and fulfilling career for both those with and without college degrees," said Paul Marchand, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Charter. "Our employees earn competitive wages, receive high-quality and affordable benefits, and now, with the new Charter Education Benefit, they can pursue a tuition-free college degree. Creating meaningful opportunities for career mobility results in a more knowledgeable workforce, which ultimately benefits our customers as well."

The Charter Education Benefit is powered by Guild, a career opportunity company that helps employers invest in their employees through tuition-free education, career development, and coaching. In the last 12 months, learners enrolled in Guild's Learning Marketplace programs were, on average, 2.2 times more likely to experience internal mobility at their company compared to peers who didn't use Guild.

"Charter is spearheading what it means to unlock career opportunity in the communications industry, providing best-in-class programs, support, and resources for their employees to learn and advance in their careers," said Rachel Romer, CEO, Guild. "Guild is looking forward to partnering with Charter on this strategic investment in their workforce."

Tuition Support That Works for the Workforce

In the fall of 2022, Charter nearly doubled its tuition reimbursement program to $10,000 per year at the college or university of the eligible employee's choice, to provide even greater continuing education support to its workforce. Now, through the new Charter Education Benefit, employees also will have access to 100% tuition-free undergraduate and associate degrees, as well as high school diplomas, college prep, certificates, and English language learning programs, without being responsible for out-of-pocket tuition costs that may have previously presented barriers for continued learning. Charter also will cover up to $10,000 per year for employees to pursue select graduate degrees as well as undergraduate degrees outside of the Guild catalog.

Industry Leading Wages, Benefits, and Earning Potential

The Charter Education Benefit is part of the company's continued investment in a highly skilled workforce. Along with minimum starting wages of at least $20 an hour including target commissions, the company also offers employees a retirement plan with a 401(k) that matches the first 6% of employee contributions, plus a retirement accumulation plan with an additional 3% company contribution for which most employees are eligible. In addition, employees receive comprehensive health benefits, and for 10 consecutive years the company has absorbed the full annual cost increase of medical, dental, and vision coverage.



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