China Announces Nationwide Broadband Strategy

  • China State Council
BEIJING - China has launched a national broadband plan that strives to complete broadband coverage of both urban and rural areas by 2020, according to an announcement from the State Council, China's cabinet. The broadband speed is expected to reach 50 Mbps in urban areas and 12 Mbps in rural areas.

With this announcement, which was posted on The People's Republic of China's website the State Council has elevated broadband development as as a national strategy with a development and implementation timetable of eight years. The strategy aims to achieve Wi-Fi coverage in key public urban areas by 2013 and fixed broadband coverage for half of Chinese households by 2015. Families in some developed cities will enjoy a broadband speed of 1 Gbps in 2020.

The strategy will be carried out in three phases. Fiber optic networks and 3G mobile coverage will be facilitated in 2013 while broadband coverage will be expanded from 2014 to 2015. Broadband network and technology updates will be the key task from 2016 to 2020.


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