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ATLANTA - Cisco announced the availability this month of HealthPresence, a telemedicine platform that allows patients to connect remotely with doctors and clinicians for health-care consultations. While telemedicine has traditionally focused on physical access to medical care, Cisco says HealthPresence addresses four additional challenges:

  • Capacity (the scarcity and productivity of clinical expertise)

  • Collaboration (one patient with many clinicians, many providers with many providers, and many patients with many patients)

  • Information exchange (the ability of participants to share and view vital health information)

  • Personalization (engaging patients in ways that make them more active participants in consults).

HealthPresence integrates two technology innovations: Cisco TelePresence and Cisco Unified Communications. With high-definition video, clear audio and connected medical devices, Cisco HealthPresence supports collaboration and personalization rarely accomplished in traditional face-to-face consultations. Patients in HealthPresence encounters can see images and listen to sounds from a variety of diagnostic devices, such as digital stethoscopes, actively participating with what clinicians see and hear.

Beginning with HealthPresence trials in 2008, patients have described how the immersive video experience, along with the real-time transmission of physiological information, draws them into the medical encounter. At the same time, clinicians report more effective patient management with HealthPresence.

Equally important, HealthPresence allows multiple members of a patient's care team to participate simultaneously in consultations, creating new ways to deliver and coordinate care. This is a significant innovation from typical point-to-point telemedicine solutions and even traditional in-person medical examinations. With HealthPresence, primary care physicians and specialists, care managers and rehabilitation therapists, family members, and caregivers can all participate in treatment and care planning. These new capabilities are essential for information and communications technologies to play a vital role in improving access to, and the affordability and quality of, health care.

HealthPresence includes:

- Cisco Vitals Software, which captures physiological data and streaming high-definition video feeds, sending them securely to the clinical team.

- Cisco TelePresence units in clinical and patient locations.

- Integrated voice, video and data capabilities that collect patient medical information for transmission among multiple health care providers or between a single doctor and patient before, during and after telemedicine consultation.

- Medical devices at the patient's end unit: a general camera for external observation, ear-nose-throat camera, digital stethoscope, and a vital signs device to capture blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and blood oxygen levels.

HealthPresence, which has already been successfully demonstrated in pilot projects around the world, can be deployed in permanent facilities or mobile units.


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