City Council Approves Funding to Implement Free Downtown Wi-Fi

  • Lit San Leandro
SAN LEANDRO, CA — Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter and the San Leandro City Council unanimously authorized the design and implementation of a new publicly accessible Wi-Fi system that will provide free wireless Internet access in San Leandro’s downtown core. The new system will be connected to city-owned fibers contained within the Lit San Leandro fiber optic network and will provide some of fastest Internet speeds available anywhere in the Bay Area region.

“I am very excited to announce that we are able to move forward with this highly anticipated project,” noted Mayor Cutter. “Members of the public have repeatedly communicated to me and my fellow City Council members how important it is for the city to provide additional public access points to the Internet, and this project is just the first step in our long term plan to accomplish that goal. Once this system goes live later this summer, anyone visiting our downtown area to have a cup of coffee or shop at a local business will now have free access to this incredible resource.”

The new system will cost approximately $68,000, which includes installation as well as five-years of maintenance and support. The Wi-Fi system infrastructure will include a network gateway device housed atop the existing Pelton Plaza entry sign and multiple access points on nearby city-owned decorative street lights. The devices will be painted to blend into their existing surroundings, such that there will be no visible change in their appearance.

The system will provide free high-speed wireless Internet access within an approximately four-block radius that includes all of Pelton Plaza and surrounding properties, The Village, Parrott Street (including the Farmers' Market), and parts of Juana Avenue and East 14th Street. Over time, the city plans to build upon the initial installation and expand free Wi-Fi coverage to other surrounding areas.


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