City of Concord, California Hires Magellan Advisors for Fiber Master Plan

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO — The city of Concord, Calif., recently engaged Magellan Advisors to develop a fiber master plan for the city. Magellan’s California team of senior consultants are leading the efforts to develop a plan that will outline how the city will create flexible fiber infrastructure to expand municipal capabilities across key departments and offer broadband to businesses and anchor institutions. The plan will leverage the city’s current fiber infrastructure and strategic new investments to support Concord’s goals of becoming a world-class community.

Wired and wireless broadband is the critical infrastructure for the global digital economy, and the city of Concord understands the need for this infrastructure for municipal operations and economic growth. The city will also leverage their network and vertical assets to create innovation through smart city initiatives, and support public health, education and safety.

Magellan Advisors’ study will assess the current needs of both internal city departments, and key community anchors and businesses in the city of Concord. Magellan’s study will delve deep to assist the city in making key decisions around the technical aspects of the proposed network, business models, and public policy initiatives that will incentivize new broadband deployment throughout the community.


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