City of Huntsville Solicits Proposals to Become "Gig City"

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HUNTSVILLE, AL — The city of Huntsville took a major step toward its vision to become a "Gig City" by releasing a Request for Information (RFI) for one or more partners to provide high-speed Internet services through a city-wide fiber network.

The goal of the Gig City initiative, led by Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, is to provide Huntsville businesses, residents and institutions access to high-speed fiber Internet at or above 1 gigabit per second, up to 200 times faster than the national average.

Fiber Networks Now Essential to City Infrastructure
"We have reached a point where fiber networks are as essential to our infrastructure as water, sewer, and roads," said Mayor Battle. "If Huntsville is to remain a technological leader in this hyper connected global world, we must be able to offer broadband access that can accommodate the growing demands of business, research institutions, entrepreneurs, residents and public safety."

Mayor Battle says the drive to create a smart grid fiber network accelerated last year after conversations with his Economic Development Advisory Council about the increased need for ultra high speed connectivity and big data portals. The city retained CTC Technology & Energy, a national communications and engineering IT firm, to help develop a plan for Huntsville to provide high-speed broadband through a public-private partnership.

"Huntsville is well positioned to attract one or more private partners willing to provide network services using public or private Partner-built fiber infrastructure," said Mayor Battle.

Responses to the RFI are due April 24, 2015.


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