City of Lancaster, CA to Deploy Landmark’s FlexGrid Ecosystem

  • Landmark Infrastructure Partners
EL SEGUNDO, CA — The City of Lancaster, California in northern Los Angeles County will deploy Landmark Infrasructure's FlexGrid Ecosystem solution on city-owned properties. Lancaster, known for its alternative energy achievements and forward-thinking approach to solar technologies, will be the first city in the nation to deploy this technology.

The Landmark FlexGrid Ecosystem solution for the City of Lancaster is a multi-faceted environment of energy and communications technologies which will be smart-enabled infrastructure. The Landmark deployment will include macro and small cell neutral-host colocation options, LED smart street lighting, fiber-ready backhaul and Wi-Fi access, as well as providing added cellular coverage for residents. Additionally, Lancaster will serve as a testing ground for new technologies including IoT sensor data and video monitoring, which have great potential to enhance public safety.

Smart-Enabled City Infrastructure
“Smart cities are the future. Over the past few years, smart technology has irreversibly enhanced our way of life, offering numerable efficiencies, conveniences, and benefits. It’s high time we use these technologies to enhance the way our cities operate,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Lancaster has become known as a ‘City of Firsts’ for pioneering many advancements, from aerospace to solar energy. We are eager to launch this partnership with Landmark as we set the stage for future smart-city advancements in Lancaster.”

Landmark is in the initial program planning phase and is currently working with the City of Lancaster to survey and locate 15 initial sites to strategically deploy the FlexGrid Ecosystem, which will include Lancaster City Hall, the Park and Ride at Sgt. Steve Owen Park, and Rawley Duntley Park. The FlexGrid deployment is expected to be used for wireless operator macro, mini-macro, and small cell colocation and will support 4G/5G deployments including IoT applications and industrial and smart city connectivity opportunities.

“We are very excited to partner with the City of Lancaster to help the city build new infrastructure and improve its wireless capacity and coverage. This venture will allow mobile network operator tenants to efficiently densify their existing networks through infrastructure deployments that support their full spectrum of radio and antenna configurations. Our FlexGrid offering includes full concealment solutions for 4G and 5G technologies and showcases the City of Lancaster’s proactive approach to enhancing their rights of way by offering attractive cellular concealment solutions in strategic real estate locations. Our FlexGrid solution has been very well received by cities, landowners, real estate developers, mobile network operators and media service operators, and we continue to make considerable progress in deploying these assets,” said Tim Brazy, chief executive officer of the Partnership’s general partner.


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