City of Linton, IN, Selects Endeavor to Deploy Gigabit Fiber Network

  • Endeavor Communications
LINTON, IN — The City of Linton, Indiana, has selected Endeavor Communications to provide fiber optic network connections for all city buildings, providing gigabit internet and other telecom services.

In the first phase, Endeavor will connect city structures. After that, the plan is to begin deploying the same high-speed fiber network to both residences and businesses located in town and in the surrounding greater Linton rural area.

Bringing Economic Growth to Lindton
“The Linton fiber build will bring continued business growth and a richer quality of life to Linton, and that attracts newcomers to the community and helps businesses grow faster,” said Darin LaCoursiere, president and CEO of Endeavor Communications. “The fiber project will deliver the state-of-the-art technology needed to connect Linton businesses and residents to better quality wireless and telephone service, blazing-fast high-speed internet, TV on demand, security, and medical alert services. Endeavor is 100 percent fiber to the home, providing the bandwidth needed to deliver gigabit internet speed with the ability to deploy higher speeds in the future.”

Even though Endeavor has specialized in serving underserved small towns in Indiana for over 65 years, it is
an experienced hand in the realm of fiber optic network deployment. In early 2016, it completed a 10-year fiber build out for their members’ communities burying more than 2,300 miles of mainline fiber and placing over 13,000 service drops in nine different Indiana service exchange areas. Endeavor anticipates the first phase of the Linton fiber project will begin in 2018.

“As a member-owned and operated cooperative, we are all about member or customer service, and that makes us different from the slow-technology, limited offering small telco companies and the far away corporate giants that are neither local nor particularly good at serving their customers,” said LaCoursiere. “Plus, Endeavor actively participates in and supports the communities that we serve and we look forward to being involved in the local Linton community.”


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