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ROCHESTER, NY – Greenlight Networks, a FTTH provider in New York State, and the City of Rochester announced that Greenlight has signed a Master License Agreement under the City’s Telecommunications Code.

The agreement outlines the fee structure and application process for Greenlight to obtain rights-of-way permits for its underground and aerial facilities within the city. With this agreement in place, Greenlight is now poised to move forward with construction plans in more city neighborhoods. The agreement must be approved by City Council, but the City can issue conditional permits as the legislation moves forward.

Greenlight’s high-speed fiber optic internet network currently reaches approximately 11,000 city households. The company expects to restart construction in the Park Avenue and Harper Street area this summer with plans to continue its network build-out in the Greenlight Districts covering the Cobbs Hill Drive and Beckwith Terrace areas in the fourth quarter of this year. With construction underway, Greenlight plans to reach an additional 1,200 households by the end of the year, with thousands more city households planned to come online in 2021. This is the first Master License Agreement reached with a residential internet service provider since the City adopted its Telecommunications Code last year. The Code seeks to facilitate the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure across the city while preserving existing infrastructure, such as roadways.
Supporting the "Dig Once" Policy

The Agreement supports the City’s pending “Dig Once” policy by involving Greenlight in upcoming road construction projects so the company’s network expansion can be planned and timed with scheduled street reconstruction efforts. Greenlight is coordinating with the City Department of Environmental Services to lay fiber during many upcoming projects, including Mount Hope and Lyell Avenues.

The Ordinance also allows service providers to provide in-kind services in lieu of fee payments, and the City and Greenlight have agreed to seek opportunities to leverage this provision to ensure Greenlight’s network extends into low-income neighborhoods and help bridge the digital divide.

The City has also agreed to assist Greenlight in community outreach efforts to obtain easements from city residents to facilitate the company’s network expansion efforts. In many situations, Greenlight is required to obtain legal approval from homeowners to run its fiber optic network under a portion of land to connect that home and its neighbors to the Greenlight network. Governor Cuomo recently signed an executive order allowing notarization of easements via video, so Greenlights’ easement team is actively engaged in these efforts within required City neighborhoods.


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