Intermax to Offer Services on Sandpoint, ID, Fiber Network

  • Intermax Networks
SANDPOINT, ID — Intermax Networks, ISP serving North Idaho, announced they have entered an agreement to provide service on the city’s Economic Development fiber network. They are the first provider on the network.

“The city has worked for years to make this happen, and we’re proud to have Intermax be the first provider on the city’s network. They are a local North Idaho company who has many clients in Sandpoint and Bonner County,” said Jennifer Stapleton, Sandpoint City Administrator.

“We’ve provided fiber services to commercial businesses in Sandpoint for years,” said Intermax President Mike Kennedy. “But today we are proud to be the first private partner with the City of Sandpoint to expand our network by licensing space on the city’s new fiber infrastructure,” Kennedy added.

Fiber Backbone Serves Government, Economic Development
The City of Sandpoint has built a fiber optic backbone consisting of one cable dedicated to government uses and the second cable dedicated to economic development. Fibers on the economic development cable can be leased by private providers like Intermax who will provide commercial and/or residential service. It can also be leased for point-to-point connections between offices such as health care facilities.

Intermax has more than 150 commercial buildings on their fiber network in North Idaho. The Intermax fiber network connects Sandpoint to Intermax facilities in Kootenai County and Spokane and ultimately to fiber peer carriers at the Seattle and Portland exchange sites. The Intermax network is redundant and diverse all the way from Sandpoint to the West Coast interchange points. The result is a seamless connection to the fastest and most reliable data and phone networks available. “Sandpoint has been an integral part of Intermax since the company was founded in Sandpoint in 2001. This year we are going to be dramatically expanding our service capacity in Sandpoint, and we’re pleased to be working with the city on this great project,” Kennedy concluded.


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