Louisville Seeks Vendor to Build Gigabit Network

  • Louisville Metro Government
LOUISVILLE, KY - Mayor Greg Fischer issued a global call for companies and organizations to consider building a very high speed gigabit network in Louisville.

In issuing the Request for Information, Louisville Metro Government is seeking to significantly upgrade its digital infrastructure for citizens and businesses.

“We’re throwing open the doors and asking the world to bring us their ideas to connect our city with very high speed fiber,” Fischer said. “Availability of and access to a high-speed broadband network has quickly become viewed as critical urban infrastructure, similar to electricity, water and roadways. Today’s current network speeds do not provide an adequate foundation to propel the city forward in a technology-based economy.”

The request is seeking proposals from any vendor or interested party, including organizations with a commercial interest in the project. As part of the call for proposals, Fischer is also seeking to provide low-income families with high-speed Internet at very low cost or even free.

The request has three goals:

  • Creating a world-leading gigabit-capable network across the city or in targeted commercial corridors, as well as in residential areas with demonstrated demand, to foster innovation, drive job creation and stimulate economic growth;

  • Provide free or heavily-discounted gigabit 100 Mbps (minimum) Internet service over a wired or wireless network to underserved and disadvantaged residents across Louisville;

  • Deliver gigabit Internet service at prices comparable to other gigabit fiber communities across the nation.

Ted Smith, chief of economic growth and innovation, said the city is willing to discuss using the city’s right-of-ways (water lines, sewer lines, alleys, etc) to assist in the project. Responses to the request for information are due January 31.


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