CityFibre Brings Gigabit City Vision to Edinburgh

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LONDON — CityFibre, a designer, builder, owner and operator of fiber optic infrastructure in UK towns and cities, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Scottish network service provider, Commsworld, for the first phase of deployment of pure fiber network infrastructure in Edinburgh.

The initial 30 miles of an anticipated 93-mile build, is backed by a contractual commitment from Commsworld to migrate a significant proportion of its large existing base of business customers onto CityFibre's new fit-for-purpose infrastructure. As in all its previously announced projects, the Total Contract Value (TCV) to capex coverage ratio during the build is anticipated to be well within the company's previously stated range.

The initial new network deployment will bring gigabit connectivity to within reach of an estimated 7,000 businesses, and establishes Edinburgh as CityFibre's next Gigabit City project.

Construction will begin this summer, and initial planning is already underway. As with CityFibre's other Gigabit City projects in Coventry, Peterborough, York and Aberdeen, the network will be deployed in line with the company's "Well Planned City" design philosophy, a sophisticated planning approach that optimizes network design and deployment to accommodate current and future capacity requirements from all aspects of a city's community under a shared infrastructure model.


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