CityFibre Launches Gigabit Services to Bournemouth Businesses

  • CityFibre
LONDON - Businesses in Bournemouth are now able to take advantage of CityFibre’s pure fiber network, as the UK fiber infrastructure provider launches gigabit-speed business services in the town. Such speeds transform businesses, delivering greatly increased efficiency and competitiveness and enable huge growth potential.

“Following its successful launch in York, we are delighted to extend our Internet Leased Line services to businesses in Bournemouth, to enable them to benefit from the most advanced connectivity available in the world,” says Rob Hamlin, director of business development at CityFibre. “With this service, customers are able to employ more efficient working methods, such as cloud-computing, advanced teleconferencing, real-time communications and VoIP, and transfer huge files and data in seconds. These services transform workplaces, increasing employee efficiency and job satisfaction.”

Delivered over CityFibre’s 100 percent pure fiber network, its Internet Leased Line services provide the ultimate in enterprise-grade connectivity - a dedicated symmetrical gigabit-speed Internet service, with virtually limitless capacity and incredibly low latency. Uncontended access and guaranteed bandwidth ensure the service never slows down. With reliability of service critical for many businesses today, CityFibre’s committed Service Level Agreement ensures access to crucial business data and systems at all times.

CityFibre already owns and operates the UK’s largest Fibre-to-the-Home network in Bournemouth, with its Internet service provider, Gigler, offering gigabit-speed broadband services to over 21,000 homes. To support smaller businesses in Bournemouth who also want to take advantage of transformational gigabit speeds, Gigler will be extending its services to businesses located on its network, launching a business broadband product which will enable them accelerate their growth potential.


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