Clearfield Adds Flexibility with YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal

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MINNEAPOLIS —Clearfield, the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, announced an addition to its YOURx terminal product line. Consistent with Clearfield’s commitment to designing flexible fiber termination and distribution systems, the new YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal (MPT) is a craft-friendly, outside plant (OSP)-rated housing that configures to meet the business goals for any fiber distribution and drop cable network. Designed unlike any other terminal on the market, the YOURx MPT fits into any business model, giving the network designer the flexibility to balance labor and capital expense cost effectively.

Over the next five to seven years, Deloitte reports that the U.S. will require an estimated $130 billion to $150 billion in fiber investment to support technologies such as 5G. Many of the new 5G small cell radio sites require duplex drop cables from the terminal out to the radio equipment. The drop ports of the YOURx MPT are large enough to accept two LC connectors through each port. Another common two-fiber application is business class services—one fiber for transmit and another for receive. Ideal for the distribution and drop portion of any fiber network, the YOURx MPT offers the options to deploy with optical component or mid-span capabilities, in-terminal splicing or for consolidation of termination locations if desired. Network designers have the option to utilize the MPT features to provide patch-only, patch-and-splice or MPO connectors. The options for connectors, splicing and optical components support limitless configurations. Fiber connector choice is a distinct, added advantage over traditional hardened fiber optic connector (HFOC) terminals.

“Customers are seeking both mid-span and terminal solutions that support fiber delivery with standard connectors, low insertion loss and a cost-effective method for deploying business services and small cells” said Kevin Morgan, chief marketing officer, Clearfield. “Only providing the number of fibers needed and consolidating splicing/termination locations saves on both material and labor costs.”

A Cable Agnostic Solution

The YOURx MPT is cable agnostic, accepting any industry cable with a diameter of up to .70”, providing easy installation and a water-tight seal for placement below grade, in a similar fashion to a splice case. Designed to meet Telcordia GR-487 and GR-3125 specifications, the product can be installed on a strand, attached to a pole, attached to a wall or contained within a pedestal. The adapter plate inside the YOURx MPT can be configured to accept either 8-SC, 16-LC or 8-MPO connectors with the ability to mix and match connectors within the same terminal—a valuable feature for network design.

The YOURx terminal product line minimizes the amount of splicing done in outside plant equipment and eliminates the need for splicing downstream of the closure as components, including WDM’s, splitters, and drop cables arrive as pre-connectorized assemblies.

Key product features include:

  • Eight individual sealed distribution drop ports with a snap in splice chip, supporting 12 loose tube splices or 36 mass fusion splices and the ability to store up to 8’ per buffer tube.
  • Entry point that uses a split sleeve grommet design for easy installation.
  • Slide off bulkhead plate allowing installers easy access for cleaning or testing connectors.

The YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal is available for immediate ordering.



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