Clearfield Announces FieldShield Pushable Fiber Delivery and Protection System

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MINNEAPOLIS - Clearfield, Inc., a provider of fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, announced the FieldShield Fiber Delivery and Protection System. FieldShield is a strong and flexible platform that offers a space-saving footprint across all deployment environments to support aerial, direct bury and data center last mile optical fiber needs. The result is a minimally intrusive system that speeds installation and delivers fiber to environments previously not viable. FieldShield components can be used stand alone, with existing conduit equipment or in collaboration with newer, less disruptive technologies to bring fiber wherever and whenever it is needed.

Benefits of the FieldShield System
• Unintrusive solution providing easy, fast and cost-effective installation
• Space saving footprint that works with existing and exhausted conduit or new micro-trenching technologies to reach environments not previously possible
• Significant savings on installation resources and costs
• Strong crush resistant and flexible fiber jacket to deliver maximum fiber protection

FieldShield System Components
FieldShield Ruggedized Microduct - By reducing duct size to 10mm and smaller, FieldShield Microduct opens unlimited opportunities to deploying and protecting fiber within the network. Installed as an empty microduct or pre-loaded with fiber, FieldShield Microduct can easily be placed through existing conduit, buried in the ground or deployed in an aerial environment (either strand-mount or up-the-tower).

FieldShield Pushable Fiber - The FieldShield Microduct provides the pathway to quickly deliver the crush-resistant FieldShield Optical Fiber Cable. Handled in much the same manner as a bend-insensitive patchcord, one to 24 fibers are housed in a rugged 3mm or 4mm jacket that is crush-resistant yet flexible without the risk of kinking or creating unacceptable light conditions.

FieldShield Pushable Fiber Connectors - Terminating a FieldShield Pushable Fiber Connector onto the FieldShield Fiber Cable allows it to be pulled or pushed through the FieldShield Microduct.

FieldShield Assist - Using this hand-held, drill-powered tool, FieldShield Fiber Cable can be pushed into environments, such as an occupied or congested duct, that were previously considered impassible, eliminating potential catastrophic damage due to buckling or folding of the fiber optic cable.

FieldSmart Fiber Management and CraftSmart Fiber Enclosures
FieldShield Fiber has been designed to push directly into the Clearview Cassette. As a result, any element of the FieldSmart fiber management architecture and CraftSmart line of fiber enclosures can be used to complete the solution, allowing broadband providers to terminate, manage, and protect fiber assets wherever they are coming from or going to. Maximizing existing investments, FieldShield enables fast, easy and affordable fiber deployment. Used in conjunction with the Clearfield’s FieldSmart fiber management for the central office, outside plant and access network, FieldShield protects fiber through every distribution point of the network.


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