Clearfield Announces FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal

  • Clearfield
Plymouth, MN - Clearfield is now offering a new solution that extends the reach of FieldShield optical fiber to the hardened connector marketplace. Similar to other hardened connectors, the FieldShield Hardened Connector is built around an SC interface, but by integrating the technology with the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal, the bulk of flat drop cables are eliminated and replaced by the ease of use and cost reductions associated with pushable fiber.

This above- or below-grade technology is designed to deploy in Clearfield's CraftSmart fiber protection vault, flower pot or pedestal for the least intrusive, most reliable solution for the drop segment of the network. These newly developed sealed connector technology solutions are ready for shipment to broadband service providers later this fall.

Since its launch last spring, millions of feet of FieldShield Pushable Fiber has been installed. Extending the ways in which FieldShield decreases installation and maintenance time is the promise of these new product solutions.


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