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MINNEAPOLIS – Clearfield, a specialist in fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, introduced three new configurations of the FieldShield SmarTerminal. These above-grade or below-grade solutions provide the quickest and least intrusive placement method to deploy fiber to the network access point (NAP), and are designed to reduce the cost of fiber delivery in a multitude of application scenarios.

FieldShield SmarTerminal
The FieldShield SmarTerminal is a compact, environmentally sealed enclosure providing maximum reliability and durability in the harshest of outdoor environments. Round in circumference at only 4.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height, the SmarTerminal can be easily mounted above grade or below-grade within a pedestal, flower pot or vault using its Snap-on Toggle Head or universal L-Bracket or Z-Bracket. With up to one meter of internal slack storage and virtually unlimited external slack storage dependent on SmarTermnal placement, the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal is easily configured for a wide variety of fiber to the (x) scenarios, including active, centralized split, distributed split, business class services or cell backhaul. Providing up to16 ports of feeder and drop cable connectivity, the SmarTerminal is optimized for use with FieldShield optical cable and microduct.

“The closer you get to the FTTp endpoint, variability of network design drives the need for flexibility,” said Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield. “The FieldShield SmarTerminal accommodates all last mile strategies, allowing the broadband network designer to support the serving environment with the best configuration to lower the total cost of installation.”
MPO and Patch & Splice Architectures Join the Patch Only Option for Feeder Cable Choices FieldShield SmarTerminal was introduced to market in the fall of 2013 as a traditional multi-port service terminal providing plug & play ease of use with the added flexibility of pre-connectorized FieldShield feeder cable and pre-connectorized drop ports of up to 8 SC or 16 LC connectors.

New Feeder Options
Joining the product line are two new feeder options: an MPO Breakout as well as Patch & Splice. The MPO Breakout is an alternative plug & play option, providing up to 4, 8, or 12 pre-connectorized drop ports. By feeding the SmarTerminal with an MPO feeder assembly, a single SKU can be stocked for the SmarTerminal with multiple lengths of the MPO feeders. Similar to the Clearview Cassette, the Patch & Splice feeder option comes with a one-meter, 12-fiber ribbon breakout. Mass fusion or individual splice options are supported.

Optical Components Now Integrated

For customers who are experiencing fiber constraints or prefer a distributed splitter application, optical splitters with pre-terminated drop ports can now be deployed within the SmarTerminal to split the signal and maximize network performance with a single fiber deeper into the serving area. Minimizing fiber count requirements and maximizing the efficiency of the splitter, the physical architecture and placement of pathways remain largely the same when using the SmarTerminal to service active as well as distributed-split services.


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