Clearfield FiberFlex 2000 Active Cabinet Combines Powered Equipment and Fiber Cables

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MINNEAPOLIS — Clearfield, a provider of fiber management for communication service providers, introduced the FiberFlex 2000 cabinet as part of its FieldSmart portfolio. With a fiber-first design, this environmentally controlled enclosure is engineered to support a variety of deployment scenarios as operators look to cost effectively expand fiber footprints. Built in response to market demand for a small footprint active cabinet, the FieldSmart FiberFlex 2000 is a modular carrier-class cabinet that combines a powered equipment housing with dense fiber distribution, reducing deployment time by simplifying installation and eliminating the need to permit an additional pad for cabinet placing.

“In an effort to provide best-in-class solutions for service providers, Clearfield requested specific feedback from engineering firms, distribution firms and carriers to address gaps in current market offerings,” said Kevin Morgan, chief marketing officer at Clearfield. “Overwhelming feedback pointed to the need for an enclosure able to support various active cabinet deployment scenarios, but also small enough for any application regardless of location. Our FiberFlex 2000 cabinet is that product.”

FiberFlex 2000 Features

The craft-friendly enclosure measures 54” x 24” x 35” with front and rear doors for full access to internal equipment. Designed to GR-487, the FiberFlex 2000 enclosure accepts local AC power and features an external AC load center to power the equipment inside the cabinet. The cabinet provides a sealed internal environment where external air and humidity are completely isolated from the electronic equipment, making the FiberFlex2000 the ideal outdoor cabinet solution for the harshest outdoor conditions. A separate, vented, under-cabinet compartment houses optional batteries and has the option for a second battery compartment for areas in need of additional backup capabilities. The FiberFlex 2000 supports from 144 to 576 internal fiber distribution ports for subscriber PON deployments using a modular, high-density fiber insert along with complementary splitter capacity.

“At Mid-State, we strive to bring our customers the most cost-effective and reliable equipment for each portion of their network,” said Gordon Caverly, Regional Vice President at Mid-State Consultants. “The true value in the FiberFlex 2000 is not only the cabinet’s compact size, but its design allowing for the right mix of active equipment and fiber cables. This solution is exactly what the industry needs to help accelerate reliable broadband services for subscribers across the U.S.”

Clearfield’s FiberFlex 2000 is now available for shipment. More information can be found on this introductory video, the associated data sheet or at


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