Clearfield FSC Available for Below-Grade Deployment

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MINNEAPOLIS – Clearfield, Inc. announced the FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) Below-Grade OSP Cabinet. This below-grade design delivers identical features and functionality of traditional FieldSmart FSC cabinets, with the added benefit of out-of-sight installation within an underground vault. The FieldSmart FSC Below-Grade Cabinet is available for PON, cross-connect or hub collapse environments.

In OSP application environments where placement or easement permitting is not cost-effective, the FSC Below-Grade Cabinet can leverage existing below grade assets and facilities in polymer concrete or HDPE vaults and handholes. In environments where above grade placement of cabinets, pole-mounted or on the ground is prohibited, the FSC Below-Grade Cabinet meets the requirement without sacrificing the key fiber management rules of access, bend radius protection, physical fiber protection, and route diversity.

“A below-grade design alleviates the aesthetic issues of a traditional deployment, and is able to do so without adding significant cost to the product,” explains Johnny Hill, chief operating officer at Clearfield.

Swing-Up Locking Mechanism Provides Ease of Access
The FSC Below-Grade Cabinet provides a swing-up and locking mechanism for easy and quick dual-door access to the Clearview Cassette building blocks and cabinet splitters. Watertight entry and exit ports secured with Sealcon grommets and heavy-duty stainless steel fasteners, ensure watertight and airtight deployment. Up to 72 hours of water intrusion protection is assured should the cabinet become submerged due to flooding or run-off.

Up to 432 ports of connectivity are delivered across a variety of transport and configuration methods:
· In a cross-connect configuration, the FSC Cabinet supports a user defined feeder-to-distribution ratio without real estate penalty.
· In a PON configuration, the FSC Cabinet is the complete solution for managing 288 fibers for FTTx applications.
· In a Hub Collapse configuration, the FSC Cabinet is designed for the cable operator looking to separate their passive infrastructure from the electronics without the need for a standard hub architecture, thereby reducing operating costs associated with moves, adds and changes.


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