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MINNEAPOLISClearfield Inc. announced four application-specific packaging alternatives for wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), in addition to its industry-standard discrete (unpackaged) and LGX-style modules. Clearfield’s WDM devices use thin-film filter and array wave-guide grating (AWG) technologies to address the mux and demux needs of diverse applications such as node segmentation, cell backhaul deployment and business-class services.

Clearview xPAK
The Clearview xPAK is a compact and convenient means by which to land up to seven input/output ports. It can be deployed as a stand-alone device or integrated into an enclosure from Clearfield or one of many other suppliers.

Clearview Cassette
The Clearview Cassette, the most scalable alternative, provides up to 36 input/output ports of optical component connectivity and populates any “Clearview Multiplied” product across the network, including FieldSmart inside-plant panels, outside-plant cabinets and access-network products, such as pedestals and wall-box enclosures.

Clearview High-Density Cassette
Delivering up to eight WDM optical devices in a single Clearview Cassette, the high-density configuration houses the maximum number of optical components in the smallest space.

Pizza Box
For deployment in a headend rack or OSP cabinet, the Clearfield Pizza Box can deploy multiple optical devices in a 19” or 23” 1RU format.

Price and Delivery
WDM modules and all packaging options are shipping, and are being offered to market through distributors, such as Power & Tel.


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