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MINNEAPOLIS — Clearfield, the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, announced the Clearfield SmartRoute Infinity Panel that helps to reduce total costs by up to 25 percent per installation. The SmartRoute Infinity Panel is a 1RU patch panel that expands Clearfield’s impressive portfolio of solutions that address any fiber deployment. Ideal for operators looking for a common deployment in the MSO headend, central office or data centers, Clearfield’s new panel helps network operators reduce costs and speed the deployment of fiber services.

The SmartRoute Infinity Panel eliminates the need for up-front planning of precise fiber lengths on pre-terminated inter-facility fiber cable (IFC) assemblies used within a building for cross-connecting or interconnecting fibers. The innovative figure-eight rod assembly provides bend radius protection for the A2 micro-distribution cable equipped with SC or LC adapters on the front and MPO, SC or LC breakouts on the far end. Packaged into a single panel, the rod assemblies relieve cable congestion, simplify ordering and minimize labor and installation costs.

“Fiber deployments are both time-consuming and labor-intensive processes that require efficiency and intelligent planning to ensure a reasonable return on investment,” said Jeff Heynen, research director, broadband access, Dell’Oro Group. “We see the North American fiber market continuing to grow, with deep fiber deployments from MSOs, telcos, municipalities, utilities and rural broadband providers as they look to extend the range and reach of their services and capture subscriber share in key markets.”

Figure Eight Rod Technology
The SmartRoute Infinity Panel is a 1RU solution that contains either one internal rod assembly that holds 200 feet of IFC microcable or two internal rod assemblies that holds up to 100 feet each of IFC microcable. The panel provides either 24-SC or 48-LC connectors in front along with single-fiber SC or LC breakouts or multifiber push on (MPO) connections on the rear. The figure-eight rod technology allows an installer to pull the exact amount of cable required from the panel and leave the remaining slack safely stored. Clearfield’s exclusive figure-eight wrap technology, reduces fiber kinks and network disruptions caused by using the typical coil wrapping method. The pre-connectorized options eliminate splice labor and speed network construction making cable deployment more streamlined than ever.

“When we see a need in the market, we act. Designing new technologies and solutions that allow customers to deploy and manage their networks in the most time and cost-efficient way is top of mind for Clearfield,” said Kevin Morgan, chief marketing officer, Clearfield. “We will continue to meet and exceed the needs of customers by adding solutions that are most beneficial to their businesses.”


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