Clearfield Unveils New Generation of Clearview Cassette

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MINNEAPOLIS - Clearfield announced an enhanced version of its Clearview Cassette, the building block of the FieldSmart Fiber Management Platform. The new product, which is currently shipping, is designed to improve ease of use and turn-up times for technicians.

The Clearview Cassette 1.2 features the Expansion Ring, an optional component. The addition of the Expansion Ring doubles or triples the height of the Clearview Cassette and provides slack storage within the cassette. The Expansion Ring allows for buffer tube slack storage in a compact 12-port fiber management device with multiple placement opportunities. Alternatively, it can integrate optical components whose input/output count exceeds 12 ports while maintaining a consistent Clearview footprint throughout all FieldSmart fiber management products, applications, and network areas.

With the addition of one or more Expansion Rings, the Clearview Cassette can now integrate any configuration of optical component devices up to 36 ports. This provides an optical component package in the Clearview footprint and the fiber management products into which it integrates.

As an "Any Application, Anywhere Multiplier", the Clearview Cassette 1.2 reduces training and installation time for the technician and allows for a single fiber management component to be stocked for all environments. The result is reduced inventory stocking levels during installation and maintenance.

The Clearview Cassette ensures that all the basic principles of fiber management are satisfied without exposure to environmental hazards or human interaction.  Integrated cassette components fully nest into the cassette’s main housing to support any application or fiber type desired. Within the cassette, all fibers from the subassembly are slack-stored, bend-radius protected and secured against accidental physical damage from handling. Designed to handle the toughest operating environments, the Clearview Cassette provides flexibility and reliable performance in the access network, the central office and in the field.

The Clearview Cassette uses a clear outer housing that allows for quick and easy first-step troubleshooting of unacceptable light conditions. Toolless snap-together nesting covers and a removable 12-pack adapter plate allow for easy access to terminated subassemblies for maintenance and cleaning.


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