Cleerline SSF Fiber Optic Cables Offer Faster Terminations

  • Cleerline SSF
MISSOULA, MT — Cleerline SSF announced new fiber optic cables that can be terminated more quickly than any other fiber option, and even faster than category cable. Rather than using complicated traditional termination methods of terminating fiber, such as fusion splicing and epoxy polish, Cleerline SSF fiber optic cables utilize a mechanical splicing termination process which is simpler, more reliable, and easy to learn.

Quicker Terminations

"In a mechanical connector there is a short stub of fiber, already epoxied and polished, located in a ferrule in the middle of the connector," says Robert D'Addario, managing director of Cleerline Technology Group. "You simply insert a cleaved fiber into an opening located in the rear of the connector. Then just affix and terminate the fiber and it's done."

Reduced Training Time
By eliminating over half the steps needed to terminate a cable, Cleerline SSF fiber not only makes the installation process faster, it drastically reduces the training time required to become proficient. Any team member can quickly and easily learn the process with a few terminating tools and a bit of practice. Cleerline Technology Group also offers a robust collection of instructional videos and other training resources on its website for instant access.

Faster Upgrades
Finally, Cleerline SSF makes upgrades to existing installations faster than ever by future-proofing the cabling in each project. As the bandwidth requirements of components continues to grow, numerous generations of copper category cable have been developed to accommodate increasing demands, each requiring integrators to pull new cable whenever it's time for an upgrade. With fiber optic cable, the bandwidth available will be adequate for literally decades of signal increases without having to go back into the walls — an immense time saver for each project.


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