Cleveland's West 25th Corridor to Benefit from Big Gig Grant

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CLEVELAND, OH — OneCommunity, a locally owned, ultra-high speed broadband provider, announced that the West 25th Street Corridor will be the recipient of monies from its Big Gig Challenge Grant.

“The Big Gig project will build off of the successes and projects we're implementing on the W. 25th Street corridor. It will ensure the corridor is globally competitive and bring 21st Century Internet connectivity to our community,” according to Councilman Brian Cummins.

Based on its proposal, the West 25th Corridor would create a fiber network through Ohio City, Tremont, Clark-Fulton, Brooklyn Centre and Old Brooklyn. The proposed route encompasses 900+ properties including 14 available development sites. The corridor is four miles long and represents a collaborative effort among four Cleveland City Council Wards: Ward 3 (Councilman Joe Cimperman); Ward 12 (Councilman Tony Brancatelli); Ward 13 (Councilman Kevin Kelley) and Ward 14 (Councilman Brian Cummins).

Some of Cleveland’s small businesses and nonprofits in addition to its most prominent west side institutions would be impacted including The West Side Market, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, MetroHealth Systems’ Main and Old Brooklyn campuses, Nestle’s LJ Minor Facility, Voss Industries, Great Lakes Brewing Company and Lutheran Hospital (Cleveland Clinic).

The project will mirror development goals of the West 25th Street Corridor Initiative, supplementing development commitments from a proposed $400 million Metro Health System redevelopment and expansion project. It would ultimately connect 50 commercial properties in an effort to increase commercial viability and competitiveness while providing access to fiber along the four-mile route.

Hospitals, Industry and Businesses Will All Benefit
“The impact of introducing fiber to this burgeoning district cannot be overstated,” according to OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick. “Hospitals, industry and businesses of all sizes, regardless of their scope will benefit from the network. We are proud to be part of this major leap into the future as outlined by the West 25th Street Corridor Initiative.”

In addition to Big Gig Grant funding, creative funding for the project will be comprised of monies from Cleveland City Council, Casino Tax Revenue Funds, Steelyard TIF Funds and City of Cleveland Economic Development Funds.

In order to be considered for the Big Gig Grant, eligible grant funds were required to be earmarked for municipally-led, community-wide fiber construction projects. Funding was required through a public-private partnership approach with the grant funding accounting for up to 25 percent of the total project costs awarded the grantee.

Parties accepting the Big Gig Challenge were asked to submit letters of interest detailing project goals, desired economic outcomes and potential community anchor institutions. Final entries were evaluated by a review committee comprised of OneCommunity staff and select industry partners.


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