Collaborative to Develop FTTH-Ready Workforce

  • Fujikura Asia
  • ITE College West
  • The Light Brigade
TUKWILA, WA and SPARTANBURG, SC - The Light Brigade, AFL’s education and training division, is partnering with Fujikura Asia, a provider of optical fibers and components to the FTTx industry in the Asia Pacific region, and ITE College West, both located in Singapore, to form a Resource Center at ITE College West, which offers career and technical education as well as developing national occupational skills certification and standards to enhance Singapore's workforce competitiveness.

The center will provide students with access to a wide variety of fiber optics-related training material along with an FTTH showcase. This center, coupled with industrial placement at Fujikura Asia, will allow ITE students to learn from experts and acquire skills relevant to the fiber optics industry.

The Light Brigade will offer training expertise, consultancy services and course material for ITE to ensure the program addresses the latest technology and techniques. The first of several planned training courses supports the FTTH Council’s Certified Fiber-to-the-Home Professional (CFHP) program. Upon completion of the ITE training program, students will have the necessary knowledge and practical experience to successfully complete the CFHP certification exam accredited by the Fiber to the Home Council.

Developing a FTTH Workforce
The FTTH showcase at the Resource Center will prepare students with market-related, hands-on skills to develop an FTTH workforce by incorporating industry standards into relevant ITE courses. This showcase is sponsored by Fujikura Asia with equipment and consumables valued at $40,000.

The demand for higher speed data transmission is expanding at an astounding pace, sparking the need for a new generation of fiber optic personnel proficient in such networks. Realizing the need to meet new manpower demands, ITE will continue to keep its training up-to-date by working collaboratively with The Light Brigade and Fujikura Asia.


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