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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Comcast Business announced new enhancements to the digital experience of the Comcast Business ActiveCore software defined networking (SDN) platform that give enterprise users the flexibility to monitor their networks across multiple locations, branch offices or data centers anywhere, on any device or even, with the sound of their voice.


The ActiveCore SDN platform now allows enterprises to take advantage of voice-enabled technologies to request and receive real-time network updates using any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. With simple voice commands, such as "Alexa, open ActiveCore" or "Alexa, ask ActiveCore, how my network is doing,” customers are provided insights into what is happening across their entire network, including sites that are up or down. Users can gain further visibility into their network by checking the status of sites by zip code, state, city and site address.


Additionally, the ActiveCore platform includes an enhanced user experience that was designed from customer feedback with simplicity and productivity in mind. The updated MyAccount portal provides users with easier access to account information, adding simplicity and efficiency to the overall user experience. Additionally, reimagined content styles and design patterns offer clear messaging with an enhanced aesthetic to streamline access to essential network information.


“As organizations progress along their digital transformation journeys, they need a network – and a way to manage it – that propels them into the digital, work-from-anywhere era,” said Bob Victor, senior vice president, product management, Comcast Business. “With new enhancements to the ActiveCore SDN user experience – including the new Alexa functionality – we’re marrying the familiar, intuitive tools our users are accustomed to in their personal lives with Gig speed connectivity, giving them more visibility and control of their network performance than ever before.”


Enterprises will now have additional new and enhanced features, including:

  • Enhanced Navigation and Mobility: Enhanced navigation allows users to view site usage and performance data more easily. Service managers gain greater transparency into the sites they oversee with updated mobile and desktop applications, allowing them to manage networks and receive push, text and email alerts from a variety of devices and locations.
  • Enhanced User Interface: At-a-glance color coding lets users quickly and proactively identify and resolve issues when their network is in an impaired state and requires action.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Business intelligence and analytics provide actionable insights about the health of an enterprise’s network, including utilization, performance and site-to-site analyses using the ActiveCore online portal.

For more information about the Comcast Business ActiveCore platform, visit:


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