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PHILADELPHIA & CHICAGO - Comcast has expanded the Comcast Business Class Solutions Provider Program with Metro Ethernet services, adding new partners and providing more ways for mid-sized businesses to access fast, reliable and cost-effective Ethernet services.

Comcast added Metro Ethernet services to its portfolio this spring in 20 major markets, targeting the service to mid-sized businesses that use bandwidth-intensive applications such as cloud computing, business continuity and Software-as-a-Service. Metro Ethernet offers a significant performance increase -- and often at less cost -- over legacy technologies such as T1 lines, Frame Relay and ATM. Comcast Metro Ethernet can quickly scale in increments from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps with the flexibility of three different classes of service.

"The addition of our new solution provider partners with their own direct sales forces will be a key asset for bringing Metro Ethernet solutions to mid-sized businesses looking to increase productivity and lower costs through a high-performance network," says Craig Schlagbaum, Vice President of Indirect Channel Sales at Comcast Business Services. "We have expanded the technical and sales resources dedicated to supporting our provider partners, and we look forward to working directly with them to provide Metro Ethernet solutions to customers."

"Comcast's Metro Ethernet services will be a strong addition to our existing solutions and will help us meet customers' increasing demand for greater bandwidth, flexibility and reliability as they move applications to cloud-based systems or SaaS environments," says Edward O'Connor, Vice President of Network Sales at Total Communications. "The fact that Comcast owns and operates its own national fiber network gives us a true alternative that we can offer to our customers, backed by Comcast's resources and dedicated technical and support teams for partners."

Comcast provides four unique Metro Ethernet Services, including dedicated Internet service, point-to-point connectivity, point-to-multipoint connections and multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity.


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