Comcast Completes Network Expansion Investment in Hartford, Conn.

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HARTFORD, CT – Comcast announced that it has completed a $6 million network expansion project in downtown Hartford, including a major endeavor to increase network redundancy and fiber optic capacity that will offer business customers Internet speeds up to 10 Gbps.

The project marks the largest single concentrated fiber expansion Comcast has ever undertaken in the Hartford area, and will bring the company’s network even closer to hundreds of businesses and residences, including the numerous offices and residential buildings currently underway or proposed for development in the next few years. The network expansion adds additional capacity, supports advanced services and gives the company the ability to bring new customers online quickly.

Investment in the Region’s Economic Future
“Hartford is one of the largest metropolitan areas Comcast serves. We live, work and provide service here, so this project is more than just good business. Expanding our fiber network is an investment in the region’s economic future – a future we all share,” said Michael Parker, regional senior vice president for Comcast’s Western New England Region, which includes Connecticut. “I’m proud of the role Comcast plays in Hartford and the region’s economic quality of life.”

The goal of the downtown Hartford expansion is to extend the company’s high-capacity fiber services to many buildings, including those along Pratt Street, where the need for high-speed data connectivity is in demand. Comcast’s network structure offers the most flexibility and great economics now and into the future.

“We are proactively investing in our advanced network in areas where having our service will provide a great advantage to companies of all sizes and industries,” said Paul Savas, vice president of Comcast Business for the Western New England Region. “By extending our fiber, we’ll be ready to meet growing demands for speed and bandwidth.”

Gigabit Pro Residential Internet Service
As a result of this investment, Comcast’s advanced network infrastructure is not only installed in a majority of downtown businesses, but also is available to serve the growing residential market in Hartford. In 2015, the company launched Gigabit Pro, a 2 Gbps fiber-based residential Internet service that’s available to customers throughout Connecticut. Comcast already offers businesses in locations across the region Internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Comcast’s broadband and Wi-Fi networks are built for speed, and are a foundation for future innovation. The ubiquity of the network also has made it possible for Comcast to build the largest Wi-Fi network in the nation. XFINITY Wi-Fi includes more than 15 million Wi-Fi hot spots in locations across the country, with over 1,200 in Hartford alone. XFINITY Wi-Fi provides customers with access to the Internet and their content on the go and helps promote business, tourism, recreation and other economic activity.

Comcast in Connecticut
Comcast is committed to providing an unparalleled entertainment and communications experience to residents and businesses in the 83 communities the company serves in Connecticut. Comcast’s Western New England Region, which includes five states, is headquartered in Berlin, Connecticut, and customers are served by a team of more than 1,300 Connecticut employees. Comcast also boasts a call center in Enfield, Connecticut, service centers throughout the state, and seven state-of-the-art Xfinity Service Centers where customers can experience Comcast’s Xfinity products and services firsthand. Comcast’s popular Xfinity brand is also featured on the Xfinity Theatre, one of Hartford’s premier music venues. The company helps to strengthen the communities where its customers and employees live and work by supporting local nonprofit organizations. In 2015, Comcast provided more than $2 million to community partners in the state, in the form of Comcast Foundation grants, sponsorships, Public Service Announcements, scholarships and courtesy video and Internet services to schools, libraries, and Boys & Girls Clubs.


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