Comcast Launches Xfnity TV Remote App for Business Customers to Control Mulltiple TVs



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PHILADELPHIA – Comcast Business unveiled enhancements to the X1 for Business entertainment platform with a new mobile app that simplifies the way businesses – including bars and restaurants – manage multiple TVs, enabling them to spend less time channel surfing and more time serving customers. 

With football continuing to reign as Americans’ favorite spectator sport, professional and college football fans will soon be gathering at bars and restaurants across the country to watch this year’s live match-ups.  As these establishments offer game-day food and beverage promotions to attract customers, wait staff cannot afford to waste time finding the right remote and channel.

Manage Up to 16 TVs at Once

The Xfinity TV Remote App enables staff at bars, restaurants, gyms, retail stores, waiting rooms and lobbies to manage up to 16 TVs at once using a single smartphone or tablet – eliminating the need for separate remotes to control each of the corresponding TV boxes. The Xfinity TV Remote App is a great example of how Comcast is leveraging its innovations in residential technology to help businesses run their operations better and improve the customer experience. With the remote app business customers can now manage the content and programming on their TVs from a single mobile experience – just as they can at home.

The Xfinity TV Remote App enables businesses to use a mobile device as a remote to:

  • Use voice technology to search and find TV shows, movies and sports match-ups by tapping the microphone icon and saying things like “football game.”
  • Take greater control of their TV experience with the ability to change one, some or all TVs to a specified channel at the same time.

X1 for Business, launched earlier this year, offers simplified search and navigation, voice control, sports content companion called the X1 Sports App that provides customers with up-to-the-minute sports updates with team and player profiles, statistics and real-time, game-specific data.

“2019 has been a banner year for sports – from the U.S. Woman’s Soccer Team winning the world cup to Tiger Woods’ historic comeback at the Master’s,” said Christian Nascimento, vice president product and premise services, Comcast Business. “The Xfinity TV Remote App helps our business customers go beyond traditional, slow channel surfing so they don’t miss a second serving their customers.”

To learn more about X1 for Business and Comcast Business’s Business TV solutions, please visit:



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