Comcast Presents: Streaming Video of Nesting Pennsylvania Bald Eagles

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HANOVER, PA — After a successful pilot run in 2014, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has launched its new live stream from a bald-eagle nest, hopefully just in time for viewers to see the laying of the nesting pair’s first egg. Comcast Business and its technicians worked with the Game Commission and partner HDOnTap to provide an improved experience this year.

The 2015 live stream differs from last year’s in a number of ways. First, the camera has been installed in a completely new location – near Codorus State Park in Hanover, York County – and features a different pair of eagles. Secondly, the camera itself represents a significant upgrade from the one used during the pilot program. This camera captures high-definition footage, and has already recorded some remarkable images.

Comcast and HDOnTap Provide 100 Mbps Broadband Service Near the Nest
Additionally, the camera this year is hard-wired to a power source, which should eliminate the live stream losing power due to the lack of a solar charge. Comcast Business and its technicians worked with the Game Commission and partner HDOnTap to provide a static IP address and coordinate installation of 100 Mbps broadband service to an enclosure near the tree. HDOnTap provided the camera as well as the live streaming services available to viewers.

"Comcast Business is pleased to provide its fast, reliable broadband service to a project certain to thrill nature lovers around the world," said Dave Dombroski, vice president of Comcast Business for its Keystone Region. "As a longtime outdoor enthusiast, I am proud to help Comcast Business contribute to this partnership with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and I look forward to watching these bald eagles over the course of the next few months.”

“The world is full of amazing places and creatures,” said Tim Sears of HDOnTap. “We are lucky to live in a day and age of technology where we can enjoy these amazing views on our TVs, computers and mobile devices in real-time.

“HDOnTap is excited about the opportunity to work with the Pennsylvania Game Commission in crafting a small, non-obtrusive full HD live webcam hardware solution bringing viewers an ‘in the nest’ real-time view,” Sears said. “Working with Comcast and its high-speed broadband network enables our network to ingest a full HD video stream, transcode and adaptively stream the video to any device. We look forward to showcasing this spectacular view into the lives of a Pennsylvania bald eagle family.”

To view the eagle cam, go to the Game Commission’s website and click on the eagle cam icon found near the top of the homepage. The live stream can be accessed on the page that will open.

Hough said the Game Commission is proud to bring the eagle cam to viewers again in 2015, and he thanked the many partners in the effort for their cooperation. “It really shows how important wildlife is to so many Pennsylvanians, and I can’t wait to watch this nesting attempt unfold,” he said.


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